BMW’s new XM Label Red enters the plug-in hybrid SUV into some very interesting territory. While BMW didn’t officially release any pricing, it previously stated that it would be in the $190,000 range. At that price point, the XM Label Red competes with cars like the Lamborghini Urus ($235,000 to start), whether BMW likes it or not. Yes, the Lambo is more expensive but, for anyone that can afford a $200,000 SUV, $40-grand is nothing. So let’s take a look at how the XM Label Red compares with the Lamborghini Urus.

Obviously, we haven’t driven the new Label Red yet, so we can’t compare how it drives with anything. However, we can compare looks which, let’s face it, make up 70-percent of a customer’s buying decision in that price range. Plus, the Urus has long been one of the most controversial looking SUVs on the market, so let’s see if BMW can top it.

Up Front

It’s like BMW saw Lamborghini get a bunch of flak for the Urus’ front end and said “Hold my bier.” The Urus has a beak-like front end that didn’t look good when it was new and it doesn’t look good now. That said, it looks better than the XM Label Red. The standard XM’s face isn’t horrific, it’s just a bit of a mess, with a mishmash of lines everywhere, funky split headlights, and massive grilles. It’s not necessary ugly, it’s just too much. By contrast, the Lamborghini is the calmer, more sensible one (read that sentence back slower and really take it in for a moment). So, shockingly, I’m gonna have to give it to the Urus up front.

In Profile

Just looking at both cars in profile exhausts me. Neither car has handsome proportions and they just look odd. The XM’s front end is worse but its back end is better and neither car looks particularly pretty. It’s like a competition to see who can make the most ungainly looking SUV. So it’s a tie.

Out Back

Out back, I have to give it to the Urus. It’s the best looking part of the car, with its slim taillights and quad exhausts. The XM Label Red, on the other hand, is just bulbous, its stacked exhausts look odd, and has a big body colored slab for a tailgate. So this is an easy one—Urus.


This part is interesting because I think the BMW XM Label Red is probably the better interior overall, thanks to a better infotainment system and a simpler design. The Urus looks cooler but it’s too fussy and lacks the impressive tech of the Bimmer. However, the XM looks a bit too much like every other modern BMW, while the Urus looks unique and interesting. I’m gonna give this one to the XM but more out of mercy than anything else.


The Lamborghini Urus is the better looking car. I don’t actually hate the standard XM in isolation but the Label Red just makes it worse, with its absurd red trim accents. When compared to something like the Urus, which is controversial but at least interesting, the XM Label Red’s black and red silliness really stands out. So the Urus wins.