The second-generation M2 has only been around for a few months but BMW is already testing the first hotter derivative. Tentatively carrying the “CS” suffix, the sports coupe is expected to land in 2025, after the recently launched M3 CS and a potential M4 CS that is likely scheduled hit the market in 2024. Camouflaged prototypes have already hinted at an integrated trunk lid spoiler but what will the designers change at the front?

A new speculative rendering attempts to see into the future of the M2 CS by giving the meaner coupe design cues from the M4 CSL. Thankfully, it doesn’t have the overly vertical layout of the kidney as it retains the flatter shape of the G87. The more squared-off grille we’ve gotten used to has inherited the Y-shaped motif applied to the larger high-performance coupe from where it has also sourced the red accents.

The aforementioned M3 CS super sedan uses the same grille pattern as the M4 CSL, along with yellow LED daytime running lights that have been applied here as well. Another feature that might trickle down from those two bigger and more expensive vehicles could be the wheels. The M2 CS prototype spotted recently had the same forged M alloys measuring 19 inches at the front and 20 inches at the rear. If that’s the case, expect to find the same 275/35 ZR19 front and 285/30 ZR20 rear tires.

If the new M2 is indeed getting the CS treatment, it’s going to lose a bit of weight. To get an idea, the M3 CS has shaved off around 20 kilograms (44 pounds) compared to the M3 Competition xDrive upon which it was based. The next M2 CS will use a higher state of tune for S58 engine but likely without stepping on the toes of its bigger brothers. It’s believed to have anywhere between 500 to 520 hp delivered to the rear axle via an eight-speed automatic. Rumor has it BMW doesn’t intend to sell the car with a six-speed manual.

It should come out near the end of 2025 and we’re expecting a limited production run considering the M3 CS is a one-year affair, with 1,700 to 2,000 cars to be assembled in this interval.