For many BMW enthusiasts, this is the car they’ve been waiting for—the M2 CS. The last-gen ‘F87′ BMW M2 CS was a sensational driver’s car, one that BMW hasn’t really been able to top since (an argument can be made that the M5 CS was better). And with the largely positive response from the enthusiast community about the new G87 M2, it stands to reason that the upcoming G87 BMW M2 CS will be sensational. Which is why some new spy photos showing off a bit of its design are so exciting (We don’t own the photos but you can see them here)

These new photos take you up close and personal with the heavily camouflaged BMW M2 CS. However, despite its cryptic wrapping, there’s still much to be seen. There isn’t any body panel fakery going on, as we already know what the new M2 looks like. The camo is there to obscure its new details but it isn’t doing a very good job.

You can clearly see the ducktail spoiler integrated into the trunk lid, which is very E46 M3 CSL-like, and it makes a huge visual difference. It balances out the look of the car and makes it seem far sportier, which might sound obvious but the M2 is an odd looking car, so such things make big differences. It also has a lower front splitter, which visually lowers the nose and makes it seem angrier, another positive. Interestingly, despite missing a letter from its name, the M2 CS has the same wheels as the M4 CSL. They look good on the M2 and their larger size helps fill out its wheel arches more than the stock M2 wheels.

2025 BMW M2 CS spy photo /

Speaking of filling out wheel arches, the M2 CS is also stanced far better than the standard M2. It’s considerably lower and both ends but it’s lower in the front than at the rear, giving it that maximum-attack-style look that you want from a sports car. The standard M2 has a real problem with its stance because its wheels are too small for its arches, the wheel track is too narrow, and there’s too much wheel gap. The M2 clearly fixes that by not only lowering the suspension but widening the wheel track and fitting larger wheels. It looks far better.

Obviously, the M2 CS will share the rest of its looks with the M2, such as its strange kidney grille design, awkward headlights, and frumpy taillights. But, for the most part, it should be a huge visual improvement.

[Source: Car Scoops]