We’re less than two weeks away from the world premiere of the new BMW 5 Series G60 but the M5 won’t break cover until later in 2024. Codenamed G90, the super sedan has entered an advanced testing phase since the M division is using prototypes that appear to have the full production body, including final headlights and taillights.

A new spy video shot at the Green Hell gives us the opportunity to spend nearly four minutes with the super sedan covered in camouflage while flaunting its quad exhaust tips. It certainly sounds like it’ll keep the V8 engine, which we can’t say about the AMG E63 as reports state it’ll downsize to an inline-six. Both high-performance saloons will be hybrids to meet increasingly stringent emissions regulations.

Render by www.instagram.com/futurecarsnow

The BMW driver pushed the next-gen M5 hard around the Nordschleife. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice there’s more than just one prototype going berserk at the challenging track. The four-door V8 machine has a subtle trunk lid spoiler and bulging wheel arches while revealing the flush door handles more and more BMWs are getting to improve aerodynamics. This design will be particularly important for the fully electric i5.

Although the new M5 has been spotted thus far only as a sedan, our sources indicate there will be a wagon as well. The M5 Touring is all set to return for a third generation and should arrive shortly after the sedan. Expect them both to be officially revealed on different dates in 2024, and rumor has it the long-roof version is even coming to the United States to take on the Audi RS6 Avant.

How much power will it have? We’re expecting anything between the regular XM and XM Label Red, so look for roughly 700 hp. Chances are the new model will put on some weight over the F90 by having to add the extra hardware related to the plug-in hybrid system. However, it won’t be nearly as heavy as the XM since that one tips the scales at a porky 2,750 kilograms or 6,062 pounds.

BMW M has pledged to keep the V8 until at least the end of the decade, and chances are the next M5 will be among the last new models to have a V8 under the hood.

Source: CarSpyMedia / YouTube