Enjoy the V8 soundtrack while you still can because with everything gradually becoming electric, who knows for how long BMW M will sell eight-cylinder cars. Arriving this summer, the eighth generation 5 Series in non-M guise will do away with the V8 since only the M5 will keep the twin-turbo 4.4-liter powerhouse. It is widely believed the M550i won’t be renewed, with an M560e to serve as an indirect replacement equipped with an inline-six plug-in hybrid setup.

Speaking of electrification, this M5 is also of the PHEV variety. We can already notice its extra cap on the front-left fender where the charging port has been installed. Where have we seen that before? On the XM, from which the super sedan will inherit the electrified setup. In terms of output, it’ll allegedly split the difference between the standard XM and the XM Label Red, so look for somewhere in the region of 700 hp.

Photo by instagram.com/wilcoblok

As always with a new BMW M model or any modern car in general, weight is a real concern, especially since the next-gen M5 (G90) will have to carry around an electric motor and a bulky battery pack. Today’s M5 Competition tips the scales at 1,895 kilograms, so don’t be too surprised if its replacement will hit the 2,000-kg mark. Even so, it’ll be substantially lighter than the XM taking into account that the high-performance SUV weighs 2,710 kg.

An even heavier M5 is on the way as sources close to Munich insist the Touring is coming back, codenamed G99. Only the sedan has been spotted so far, but with the wagon reportedly arriving shortly after the G90, BMW might commence Nürburgring testing of the AMG C63 Estate as early as this summer.

Meanwhile, the adjacent lengthy video depicts several prototypes of the sedan, with all appearing to have the production body with a trunk lid spoiler and a quad exhaust system. However, some have provisional headlights and taillights while others have the final clusters. We’d wager it’s shaping up to be a handsome car, maybe a modernized E60, without exaggerated details or unusual design traits.

Ahead of the M5’s reveal in 2024, the regular 5 Series (G60) will premiere in the coming months, complete with an i5 and its own M Performance derivative – the i5 M60. An i5 Touring will follow next year, so there will be something for everyone.

Source: Carspotter Jeroen / YouTube