Sources indicate that the mid-life facelift for the BMW 4 Series range, which features the i4 all-electric Gran Coupe, is scheduled for July 2024 and will entail a range of cosmetic enhancements. However, the oversized kidney grille is expected to remain largely unaltered. According to rumors, the 2024 BMW 4 Series Facelift is expected to have a refreshed appearance, with a new headlight design – a common feature in model updates. As for the rear, there’s speculation that the 4 Series range may receive rear laser lights, though it’s unclear if this will apply to the entire lineup.

New Lights and Potentially a New Steering Wheel

Additionally, there are hints that the BMW i4 electric four-door coupe’s kidney grille may also undergo a design update, along with the M Performance variants of the 4 Series – the M440i and i4 M50 – likely adhering to the same principle. Yet, we expect the overall size to remain the same. When it comes to the interior design, there has been some hints lately from BMW executives that the flat-bottom steering wheel design from recent cars will trickle down to other models as well. So the refreshed BMW 4 Series could be one of the first to receive the updated steering wheel. But that’s not something we can say with certainty today.

Flat-bottom steering wheel from BMW i7

In line with their sustainability objectives and initiatives, we anticipate that the BMW 4 Series and i4 models will incorporate fresh sustainable materials in their seats, dashboard, and trim. The large curved display will continue to be present in the refreshed 4 Series, but it will likely be powered by iDrive 8.5 or iDrive 9. Naturally, other tech updates are to be expected, especially in the area of driver assistance system.

While it remains uncertain which engines will receive a boost in power, it’s probable that certain new 4 Series LCI models will feature increased horsepower. The M50, the all-wheel-drive flagship of the i4 range, will maintain its position as the top model, while the M440i will remain the highest-performing model in the combustion-powered lineup. The U.S. offering will also include the existing 430i models.

As with any rumors, these speculated updates cannot be confirmed until BMW makes an official announcement, but they align with past life cycle impulses. As usual, we anticipate that model release news to come in early 2024, several months before the production transition in July 2024. Overall, as with most recent BMW facelifts, we don’t expect any major changes.