When BMW introduced the X5/X6 LCI back in February, it showed the facelifted versions in the more expensive plug-in hybrid 50e and sporty M60 specifications. But what about the base version? Look no further than this new video shot in Munich at the BMW Welt where the German luxury brand is showcasing the X5 in the lesser xDrive40i flavor. It’s a base trim level since it does away with the optional M Sport Package.

Mind you, it’s not the cheapest X5 money can buy since the Skyscraper Grey metallic paint costs extra, and so do the 22-inch wheels. This build also happens to have the off-road package with extra underbody protection at the front and four dedicated driving modes for sand, rocks, gravel, and snow. You also get two-axle air suspension and a mechanical differential lock, but even with these goodies, the X5 is no Mercedes G-Class or Toyota Land Cruiser. After all, it’s still a unibody SUV at the end of the day.

The walkaround video is a good opportunity to see the BMW X5 has remained a handsome SUV as the Life Cycle Impulse hasn’t brought any drastic changes. Unlike the X7 LCI with its controversial split headlight design, the smaller model plays its safe. The kidney grille is unquestionably large, but we’d argue it’s not out of proportion in relation to the vehicle’s size.

With the mid-cycle update, the X5 has gained slimmer, sharper-looking headlights and updated taillights with an “X” motif not found on the mechanically related 2024 X6. Both have new options for colors and alloy wheel designs while sharing a revamped dashboard with far fewer conventional controls. Most buttons on the center console have been eliminated, meaning access is now done through the 14.9-inch touchscreen of the iDrive 8.

This generation of the X5 is expected to remain in production until near the end of 2025 when its replacement – codenamed G66 – is expected to arrive. For the first time, the posh SUV could spawn a fully electric battery-powered iX5 derivative but on the existing CLAR platform rather than the Neue Klasse.

Source: rsDrive / YouTube