Now that the BMW XM Label Red is here, it’s not only the most powerful BMW ever made, it’s also the most powerful factory internal combustion SUV in the world. It’s more powerful than the 715-horsepower Ferrari Purosangue (although that makes its power without turbos or electric motors, so it’s more impressive), the Lamborghini Urus Performante, and the Aston Martin DBX 707. Since we already compared the XM Label Red with the Urus, I think it’s time to see how it compares to the Aston.

The Aston Martin DBX 707 is the highest-performing, most powerful version of Aston’s lone SUV. It uses a 4.0-liter twin-turbo AMG-sourced V8 to make 697 horsepower (707 PS, hence the name), which is less than the 738 horsepower of the XM Label Red but it’s actually faster to 60 mph, doing the deed in 3.1 seconds, versus the Bimmer’s 3.7. However, spec comparisons are worthless because we can’t drive the cars at the moment. So instead, let’s check out their looks. After all, design is what will drive the majority of their Beverly Hills customers.

Up Front

This is going to turn into a bit of a beat down quickly, like prime Mike Tyson fighting me, but the front is the only area where the XM has a puncher’s chance. The BMW XM is an odd, curious looking machine but at least it’s front end looks like a modern BMW front end. It’s strange, due to its split headlights and odd hood bulges, but it actually looks OK. It’s not pretty but it looks like modern, aggressive BMW. Fine. However, the Aston is downright good looking. Its grille is enormous but the Aston proves that complains of large grilles were never about the size but execution instead. It’s a classic Aston design and it looks good even on an SUV.

From the Side


The BMW XM Label Red looks OK from the side in a darker color, as the darkness hides its stranger lines. Its silhouette is good overall but once you start looking at its ungainly proportions, it starts to fall apart. The Aston, on the other, is very good looking in profile. Its roofline, window lines, body lines, and wheels all make it a stunner. So the Big Brit wins it here.

Out Back

One of the most infuriating aspects of the XM Label Red’s design is its tailgate. It’s a big slab of metal, with taillights that are too slime, and an offset badge and it all just looks wrong.Whereas the Aston features a very cool integrated rear spoiler, which houses the brake lights. For an SUV, the DBX 707 is among the prettiest we’ve ver seen.


As gorgeous as Aston exteriors are, its interiors leave a lot to be desired. The DBX 707’s cabin looks fine for a $50,000 car, with a simple, button-heavy design. The steering wheel is incredibly blah but it has big long paddle shifters which look fun. The BMW XM Label Red has a very corporate BMW design, which looks familiar but not bad. Since neither interior lives up to their price tags but the BMW’s price tag is quite a bit lower, the BMW XM wins here.


According to the scoreboard, the Aston Martin DBX 707 beat the XM Label Red 4-1. However, it’s a bit more of a beatdown than even that suggests. The BMW XM Lable Red is a cool car and we’re excited to drive it but it’s odd looks are just no match for the stunner that is the DBX 707.