It hasn’t been much of a secret that BMW was preparing to launch the Label Red version of the XM plug-in hybrid SUV. Ever since the standard XM was launched, we knew a more powerful version was coming, something packing more of a punch than the XM’s 644 horsepower. Well now it’s here—the 2024 BMW XM Label Red and, thanks to its 738 horsepower, it’s the most powerful production BMW in history.

Starting production in August, at the Spartanburg, South Carolina plant, customers should expect to get their uber-powerful BMW XM Label Reds toward the end of this year. When it does, it will bring more power, new colors, and a slightly updated design. However, its power is the headline news.

Most Powerful M Car Ever

There really isn’t much different about the BMW XM Label Red’s powertrain, versus the standard XM. It still uses the same 4.4-liter twin-turbocharged “S68” V8, with the same battery/electric motor hybrid setup as before. However, BMW M simply turned the power dial up to 11, bumping it up to a nice, even 738 horsepower and 738 lb-ft of torque. That’s an increase of 94 horsepower and 148 lb-ft versus the standard car.

BMW M didn’t release a curb weight for the XM Label Red but the standard XM checks in at 6,062 lbs. Since the Label Red uses the same engine, battery, and electric motor, there shouldn’t be much change, in terms of weight. There may be difference of a few pounds here and there, as the Label Red has some unique visuals that might change the weight a touch but nothing significant enough to make a difference.

What does make a difference is the power. With the extra power, the XM Label Red drops its 0-60 mph time down to 3.7 seconds, from the 4.1 seconds of the standard car. So while the XM Label Red is the most powerful BMW ever, it isn’t even the faster than the BMW X5 M or X6 M. In fact, it’s one of the slower M cars to 60 mph on sale. There’s only so much you can do to combat a three ton curb weight. Top speed is normally 155 mph but that jumps to 175 mph if you get the M Driver’s package, which is pretty typical of BMW.

Exclusive Looks

BMW calls it the Label Red, and not “Competition” or “CS,” for a reason. Aside from the massive power bump, there’s nothing mechanically different about the Label Red. It has the same adaptive suspension, same active anti-roll bars, and same Integral Active Steering (rear-wheel steering) system. So it should feel mostly the same, aside from the extra punch. It will look different, though, and feature quite a few red accents, hence the name.

One of the available red options is the red piece of “accent band” trim on the outside the car, rather than the usual black or bronze. There are also red accents in the standard 23-inch wheels (22s are optional), and a black and red two-tone motif for the XM’s signature 3D geometric interior headliner. Red contrast stitching and touches are also scattered throughout the cabin, never letting you forget the color of your label. And in case you forget which car you’re driving, a new “XM” badge underneath the control display and carbon fiber trim with blue and red accents will remind you.

Standard color options will vary by market but, in total, only one solid and eight metallic color options will be standard. The solid color will be Brooklyn Grey, which will be available in North America. There will also be one frozen color, Frozen Carbon Black. However, there will be over 50 BMW Individual color options at available at no extra cost. There are some new ones for the XM, too: Urban Green, Petrol Mica Metallic, Anglesey Green Metallic, and Sepia Metallic.

In terms of cabin tech, the XM Label Red is the same as the standard car, with iDrive 8, a Harmon/Kardon standard sound system, an available 20-speaker Bowers & Wilkins Diamond surround sound system, and all of the same advanced semi-autonomous safety features.

Powerful but Expensive

BMW M hasn’t fully revealed pricing for the XM Label Red just yet, however it did previously hint that it would start at $185,995 in the U.S. So expect final pricing to be close to that when BMW finally announces it. With production starting in August, pricing shouldn’t be too far away. If pricing stays at $185,995, that will be about a $26,000 bump over the standard XM for the extra power and red trim.

From a value perspective, the BMW XM Label Red makes quite a bit more power than every other monstrous SUV on the market, even more than the Lamborghini Urus and Aston Martin DBX 707 for around $50,000 less. However, the Urus and DBX 707 would smoke the XM Label Red in a straight line and the big Bimmer isn’t even any faster than the X5 M Competition on paper. So it will be interesting to see who the XM Label Red is for and who buys it.