It was a little over a year ago when BMW showed owners how to install M Performance-branded door pins and now a new video offers a glitzy alternative. You can swap out the “world’s most powerful letter” for a fancier door lock pin made from Swarovski crystals. It’s an official BMW accessory (product code 51265A681A8) that goes by the pompous name of “Crystal Clarity Door Pins.” It costs $113 for a set of two pins, as listed by IND Distribution.

It’s shown here on a facelifted M340i xDrive but it’s compatible with a wide variety of models. If this “upgrade” is your cup of tea, one would argue it works better on the larger and more expensive BMW models that have a fancy crystal gear knob. Some of the recent high-end vehicles have Swarovski crystals on the outside, specifically embedded into the upper-mounted daytime running lights. You can have them on the 7 Series G70 and the X7 facelift.

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While crystal door pins might seem like frivolous items to some of us, BMW must have done the necessary market research to make an effort to launch this bizarre accessory. It even went through the trouble of releasing this instructional video, so it must be targeting a certain segment of the market. In the age of in-car subscriptions to unlock features, nothing really surprises us anymore.

Accessories have been serving as an additional revenue stream for decades, and BMW knows variety is the spice of life. For this reason, the German luxury brand has a vast catalog of M Performance Parts, some of which are even compatible with non-M models. Accessories can vary from floor mats and carbon fiber side sills to Alcantara knee pads and LED door projectors with the M logo. BMW Singapore has nearly 700 accessories listed on its website.

Source: BMW