You don’t have to check the calendar as April Fools’ Day was last Saturday. The BMW Baby Racer is very real and you can buy one today. Now in its fourth generation, the toy car originally introduced over 30 years ago has been updated by borrowing design elements from recent models. The most obvious change is at the front where it now features the company’s controversial kidney grille from the M3 and M4 models.

We can’t help but notice the headlights are similar to the LED daytime running lights of the XM, 7 Series G70, and the X7 LCI while the taillights remind us of the X6. Other details worth pointing out include the mock-up dual exhaust tips and a fake screen with M-specific iDrive 8 graphics above a faux start/stop button. BMW is selling its latest Baby Racer in black, white, and blue, with the soft seat finished in orange, pink, and black, respectively.

It boasts a three-spoke steering wheel and even a horn, not to mention “extra-quiet tires” manufactured from recycled materials. BMW says that much like it’s the case with its real cars, spare parts can be ordered from selected dealers across the country. As a matter of fact, replacement components are made at home in Bavaria. Created for kids aged one to three, the Baby Racer IV is already available to preorder on the BMW Lifestyle online shop from €129, regardless of the color combo you choose. Buying one today means you’ll be getting it on July 5 at the earliest.

It’s not the first time BMW has put its love/hate front grille on something other than a real car as the company’s stand at the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon had an oversized pair of kidneys. Spy shots depicting a facelifted 4 Series Coupe prototype showed the striking design won’t be going away anytime soon. But don’t worry, parents, the grille on the BMW Baby Racer may be large, but it’s not as polarizing as its full-size counterparts. In fact, it adds a touch of sportiness and flair to the overall design, making it even more appealing to young fans.

Who knows, maybe the BMW Baby Racer’s kidney grille will become the next big trend in the world of toy cars! In any case, BMW seems to be sticking to its bold and daring design choices, even for its smallest customers. After all, it’s never too early to learn about the importance of making a statement on the road, even if it’s just a playtime road in your living room.

Source: BMW