Even though M3 and M4 generated quite the controversy when they were released a couple of years ago with huge grilles, BMW remains extremely proud of its oversized kidneys. So much so that the design is being taken to a whole new dimension for the 2023 Tokyo Auto Salon. Essentially Japan’s version of SEMA or Essen Motor Show, the event dedicated to customized cars will host this giant grille taken from an M3 Competition.

Since the introduction of the M3 G80 Sedan and M4 G82 Coupe in September 2020, BMW has also put the same grille on the M4 Convertible G83 and the recently launched M3 Touring G81. The limited-run M4 CSL also has the much-criticized design, which has been significantly altered (in a good way) for the ultra-exclusive 3.0 CSL.

Aside from the gargantuan grille – which eagle-eyed viewers have noticed that it even contains a parking sensor and an M3 Competition badge – there will be another highlight. BMW Japan intends to introduce a new model that will be unveiled in the Land of the Rising Sun for the first time. It’s unclear whether it’ll be a JDM-only car or BMW plans to sell it in other markets as well.

Regardless, we’re expecting an M car loaded full to the brim with M Performance Parts given the nature of the Tokyo Auto Salon. If it’s indeed a globally avaialble model, logic tells us it can only be the M3 CS.

Taking place between January 13 and 15, the Tokyo Auto Salon will feature several BMWs behind the grille. An M3 Sedan in the Competition guise with xDrive, M Performance Parts, and a body wrap will attend the show, along with an M240i also fitted with an assortment of MPPs. The German automaker is also bringing the M4 GT3 race car from the 2022 AUTOBACS Super GT300 Class where it triumphed at the Suzuka Circuit.

Source: BMW