When BMW introduced the second-generation 2 Series Coupe (G42) in mid-2021, the M240i was presented exclusively in xDrive guise. However, it was joined about a year later by a rear-wheel-drive version that shaved off 55 kilograms (121 pounds) after removing the AWD setup. At 1,635 kg (3,604 lbs), it’s still a heavy car, but with all power routed to the rear wheels, it’s closer in spirit to the new M2 G87.

A new immersive video recorded by a camera mounted on the driver’s helmet shows the tail-happy M240i being pushed hard around Hockenheim (GP configuration). Behind the wheel is Sport Auto’s Uwe Sener, driving the sports coupe equipped with Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. You will notice BMW’s latest iDrive 8, but the 2er originally didn’t have it at its launch. It was introduced with the cars produced from July 2022.

So, how did it fare? The two-wheel-drive M Performance 2 Series Coupe lapped the famous German track in 2 minutes and 0.7 seconds. For reference, Sport Auto tested an M4 Competition Coupe xDrive last year and that one crossed the finish line in 1.53.9. Other hot laps with BMWs included an M5 Competition (1:54.2), an M850i Coupe (1:57), and an M340i xDrive (2:01.1).

It’ll be interesting to see how much faster the new M2 is going to be compared to the RWD M240i. The former can be had with a manual gearbox whereas the latter is an auto-only affair, much like its xDrive sibling. The price gap between the M240i and the M2 is substantial as the flagship version commands a $13,300 premium.

Much like the full-fat M2, the M240i is a dying breed considering six-cylinder compact performance cars are few and far between in 2023 when everything seems to be about downsizing and electric vehicles. With the Porsche Cayman to be replaced in 2025 by an EV, BMW’s inline-six 2 Series models will compete in a rarified segment. The Alpine A110 is also heading toward retirement in the coming years, with an electric successor planned for 2026.

Source: Sport Auto / YouTube