The 2023 BMW M2 offers a more varied range of colors than ever before. Customers can select from five basic colors: Brooklyn Grey, Toronto Red, Zandvoort Blue, Black Sapphire, and Alpine White. Zandvoort Blue, a new and standard color option for the G87 BMW M2, is the marketing color. But our favorite hue might be the Brooklyn Grey.

The beautiful shade of grey is very understated, yet sophisticated, classy and sporty at the same time. This grey shade has been used previously on various M cars and appears to have become a standard color for the M series. In the photos below, we get to see the Brooklyn Grey paint job during a rainy day when its hues change quite a bit.

Of course, during the day the grey becomes lighter with some light blue hues in certain light. This color is undoubtedly distinct and appears different every time from various angles. If you desire a perfect color match for the extended shadowline and black wheels, Brooklyn Grey is undoubtedly an excellent choice. ou’ll also notice the classic Motorsport emblems to remind us the M division extensively celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2022.

There are four interior choices available for the new 2023 BMW M2: solid black, black with M-color accents, Cognac, and another black with carbon fiber sport buckets and even more M-colored highlights. For this particular six-speed manual M2, BMW picked the black with M-color accents.

You can choose from three different trims: carbon fiber, gloss black, and aluminum. As anticipated, this G87 M2 features the carbon fiber option, being a marketing model at this drive event. For 2023, the most expensive option package on the list is the Carbon Fiber Package, which costs around $9,900. However, with that comes a surprising amount of gear. For instance, with it you get a carbon fiber roof, M carbon fiber bucket seats, carbon fiber trim, the M driver’s package and the M Race Track Package.

The M Driver’s Package will set you back $2,500. For that, you get an increased top speed and a trip to BMW’s driving school. In terms of individual options, the most expensive is the carbon fiber roof which will set you back $2,600. That’s going to be optioned on most cars, I presume, considering how many previous M2 owners wish they could have optioned it.

Later today we will head out and sample a similarly specced M2, followed later in the day by either a Toronto Red or Zandvoort Blue automatic M2. Unfortunately, the driving impressions are under embargo until April 2nd, but stay tuned on our social media channels and Youtube channel and we will share some behind the scenes footage.