It’s been an eventful day for BMW as not only did it tease the i5 Sedan and announce the i5 Touring, but it also confirmed an iX2 and talked about plans for at least six Neue Klasse EVs coming by 2028. The adjacent product roadmap shows what’s coming and when, but the first premiere is unrelated to those models. Debuting in the second quarter of this year will be an X1 L, a long-wheelbase crossover built and sold in China.

In the following quarter, we’ll get to see the eighth-generation 5 Series Sedan with its i5 electric sibling, plus the iX1 L serving as a stretched version of BMW’s smallest EV. Q4 2023 will be particularly busy since the 7 Series Protection and i7 Protection will debut as the company’s armored sedans with ICE and EV power. Another duo earmarked for the final quarter of the year is the second-generation X2 joined by an iX2.

Arriving by year’s end will also be the third-generation MINI Countryman, produced in-house by BMW at the Leipzig plant in Germany. The next Oxford-built Hatch is also due in Q4 2023 and will once again be offered without a combustion engine, but the EV will be produced in China this time around.

Fast forward to the first quarter of 2024, the 5 Series Sedan L and i5 Sedan L will be introduced in China where the elongated models will be produced for the local market. The aforementioned 5 Series Touring with gasoline/diesel and electric powertrains is coming out during the same quarter, together with the first-ever electric Countryman.

The MINI Aceman is missing from the product roadmap, but that’s because the subcompact crossover will be released later in 2024. Unlike the larger Countryman offered with gasoline and electric setups, the B-segment vehicle will be an EV-only affair.

In the second half of 2025, the first Neue Klasse models will be released, with BMW confirming a sedan and a crossover in the 3 Series segment to lead the way.

Source: BMW