BMW can’t really hide the upcoming X2’s design much longer. Recent spy photos and video have show off much of its body style and many of its details, including its interior. From those photos, graphic artists have been creating renders of what the finalized BMW X2 design might look like and this recent one shows a very aggressive X2 M35i design that might end up looking close to the real thing.

This new render from the Germany’s Finest shows off what the potential X2 M35i would look like and it looks extra aggressive. While it doesn’t explicitly say that the render is of an X2 M35i, its grille, sporty wheels, red brake calipers, and Portimao Blue paint are all dead giveaways. It might as well just have a giant M Performance sticker on the side.

Proportionally, this render looks pretty spot on, compared to camouflaged test mules seen in spy photos. The render’s C-pillar kink is probably inaccurate, as it isn’t Hofmeister-y enough. Though, the grille and headlights are likely close to accurate, as they’re similar to the X1’s, which the X2 will borrow quite a bit of its styling from. The lower front fascia, though, looks to be pulled from the BMW X6 M, which could be semi-accurate, as BMW might borrow some other M SUV designs for the X2 M35i.

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What’s important to not, here, is that the BMW X2 M35i is going to look much more like a shrunken X4 M40i than the old X2. It’s far more coupe-ish looking than the outgoing X2 and looks much better because of it. Proportionally, it just makes more sense than the old X2, which was like a hatchback that had an allergic reaction to shellfish. This one should look quite a bit better.

Another huge area of improvement will be inside. The new BMW X2 will have an almost identical cabin to the new X1, which is very good, and it will even have the latest iDrive 9 system from the factory. So it will have far better interior aesthetics and technology than the X1 we know today.

It should also drive quite a bit better. Under the skin, the BMW X2 M35i will ride on the newest version of BMW’s FAAR platform, just like the excellent handling X1. It will also use a 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder with over 300 horsepower, a dual-clutch gearbox, and all-wheel drive. So it will be quick, too.

Obviously, we won’t know what the BMW X2 M35i is really like until it’s here but, all things considered, it’s shaping up to be a popular model for BMW, especially in crossover-crazy America.

[Source: Germany’s Finest]