Now that the 2024 BMW X5 M Competition Facelift is here, it’s time to take a look at how its new differences compare to the pre-Facelift car. Most of BMW’s recent LCI facelifts have been mild, as the brand is mostly focused on the future. However, for the X5 M Competition, BMW made some surprisingly significant changes to the exterior of the car that it’s worth comparing the two. There are mechanical changes to the X5 M Facelift as well—including an all-new engine, as well as suspension, and chassis tweaks—but since we can’t drive the newly facelifted car just yet, we’re going to stick to comparing their designs for now.

Up Front

This is where the majority of the changes were made. This is an interesting LCI facelift, as it takes an already handsome car and makes it… different. I’m not sure I like the new one better but I certainly like it. The pre-LCI car was great looking and one of the most attractive designs in BMW’s lineup. Its subtle, classic, but aggressive good looks made it a fan favorite. For the LCI, BMW didn’t just leave it along, though. It got a new, more angular grille, slimmer headlights with arrow-like lighting elements inside, and an all-new front bumper that creates a fun zigzag pattern flanking the grilles. I don’t think I like the LCI car’s horizontal grille slats but I’m gonna give it the nod here for being a bit more visually interesting, even though I really like the older car too.

From the Side

This is probably where the car changed the least. The only real change made to the side of the BMW X5 M was to its wheels. The X5 M now features wheels similar to the M3 and M4 and they look a bit more exciting than the pre-LCI car, so it gets the nod here, too. Plus, you can see a sliver of its updated taillights from the side, which are more interesting than the pre-LCI X5’s.

Out Back

From behind, the new 2024 BMW X5 M Facelift has new taillights, that feature a sort of sideways ‘Y’ design that are better looking than the pre-LCI taillights. They’re still simple and elegant, just a bit more stylish and interesting. The new rear diffuser is different but also useless so who cares. Quad exhausts remain, and are functional, which is the important bit. So the new car improves the headlights but keeps what mattered most, so it wins out back, too.


On the inside, BMW gave the X5 M Competition a similarly updated cabin to the standard X5. It gets the new iDrive 8 dual curved screen, as well as the new illuminated trim, new dashboard trim, and a lack of physical climate controls. However, it doesn’t get the same toggle switch gear switch as the normal X5 but keeps the pre-LCI car’s gear lever. The touchscreen climate controls are infuriating but the rest of the interior does look better than before.


I think it’s safe to say that the 2024 BMW X5 M Competition Facelift is better looking than the car it replaces. There might be a thing or two about the pre-LCI car that some enthusiasts like more—and it’s still a great looking car—but the new one is sharper, sportier, and more exciting looking, while featuring upgraded technology and a mostly improved interior. So it handily wins this comparison.