The Porsche 911 Dakar took the automotive world by storm last year. The iconic 911 is already a remarkable sportscar but Porsche decided to specifically redesign it to conquer the harsh and unforgiving terrain of the world’s most challenging rally race. And while BMW has not officially follow through with a similar vehicle, a skunkworks project from the Middle East attempted to replicate the 911 dune vehicle. Dubbed “Dune Taxi”, the project was an all-electric, purpose-built desert racer, similar to what you’d see in the Dakar rally. Furthermore, according to BMW Middle East, this Dune Taxi is a combination of all of BMW’s technologies: BMW M, BMW i, and BMW X.

Based on G81 M3 Touring

Today, rendering artist @germanysfinest43 takes a virtual stab at imagining a BMW M3 Rally Car based on the new G81 M3 Touring. The digital artist says that he “took some inspiration from Porsche and the Lamborghini Sterrato”, but of course with the typical BMW M3 bits. The front and side view shows a reimagined design with specific reinforced parts needed for the harsh terrain. Of course, the M3 Dakar Rally image shows a higher ground clearance than the standard M3 Touring.

There is also a new carbon fiber hood with additional lights which work in tandem with the roof lights needed for better visibility during the rally. The underbody protective parts are also featured in this render, along with a roof rack which can carry additional parts or repair tools. Unfortunately we don’t get to see the rear-end design as well, but it’s expected to closely mimic the one from the M3 Touring.

A Dream Car

As you’d expect, a potential BMW M3 Dakar Rally car that can race in the desert would be a true masterpiece of engineering and technology. The dune car would be designed to push the limits of performance, with advanced materials and aerodynamic features to ensure maximum speed and efficiency. The car would have a high-performance engine which would provide the necessary power and torque to conquer the dunes and rocky terrain of the desert.

The BMW M3 Dakar Rally car’s suspension system would be specifically designed to handle the rough terrain, with advanced shocks and adjustable ride height to optimize performance in any condition. The interior would be designed for driver comfort and safety, with advanced instrumentation and controls to ensure that the driver can fully concentrate on the race.

With its cutting-edge technology and advanced design, the potential BMW M3 Dakar Rally car would be a true contender for the toughest and most challenging rally races in the world. But unfortunate, this is just a fan digital project, which nonetheless, it’s very cool!

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