The 2024 BMW X5 is not a cheap SUV by any means, as even the base version starts at €91,700 at home in Germany. Step up to the X5 M Competition, and you’re looking at €164,700 in Deutschland. One can spend as much as €250,000 for a special edition dubbed X5 M Competition x Meindl. With that kind of money, you could buy both the entry-level and range-topping models, provided the dealer will give you a discount of around €6,000.

Costing a quarter of a million euros, this 1-of-25 SUV is technically the most expensive BMW money can buy in Germany since the 3.0 CSL has gone out of production. Even an i7 M70 or an XM Label Red with all the bells and whistles is more attainable, so you must really like this X5 M Competition with its deer leather to justify the hefty premium.

2024 BMW X5 M Meindl / BMW Overdreef

BMW Overdreef dealer in Duisburg has the X5 M Competition x Meindl on its showroom floor, flaunting a Malachite Green paint with glossy black accents and dark wheels measuring 21 inches at the front axle and 22 inches at the rear. From the outside, you can’t necessarily tell there’s something special about this performance SUV unless you take a closer look at the B-pillars. There’s a Meindl logo, suggesting the fashion brand has worked its magic inside the car to set it apart from the regular model codenamed “F95.”

The cabin’s highlight is undoubtedly the chamois-tanned deer leather found just about everywhere. It covers certain parts of the seats (front and rear), door cards, center console, and even the steering wheel’s spokes as well as the sun visors. Meindl’s logo adorns the seats, while the carbon fiber dashboard panel on the passenger side has a “BMW Individual Manufaktur 1 of 25” detail to denote the X5 M Competition’s exclusivity.

It’s worth noting the 2024 X6 M Competition has also received the Meindl treatment but that one comes painted in Urban Green and has different wheels.

Source: BMW Overdreef, BMW Overdreef / Instagram