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BMW 2 Series vs Audi A3 3 of 6 830x553

Photo Comparison: BMW 2 Series vs Audi A3 Sedan

This isn’t going to be an apples-to-apples comparison test, simply because it can’t be. The BMW 2 Series is a unique competitor in its segment, being a two-door, rear-wheel drive coupe, rather than a four-door,…

bmw ix bmw x5 03 830x553

Photo Comparison: BMW iX xDrive50 vs BMW X5 M50i

This time next year, BMW customers will have their choice of two fast, very luxurious SUVs at around the same price point but with very different approaches — the BMW iX xDrive50 and BMW X5…

Photo Comparison: BMW X4 M Facelift vs. Mercedes-AMG GLC63

bmw x3m facelift vs no lci 04 830x553

Photo Comparison: BMW X3 M Facelift vs. Non-LCI X3 M

The pre-LCI BMW X3 M Competition was a car that genuinely surprised me. Within just a few feet of driving, it immediately felt like something special, something that doesn’t come around very often. However, in…

BMW i4 vs Tesla Model 3 1 of 3 830x553

Photo Comparison: BMW i4 vs Tesla Model 3

When the BMW i4 finally hits the road, it’s main target will be the Tesla Model 3. While the i4 isn’t exactly the electric 3 Series that we all would hope BMW would build to…

BMW i4 vs Audi e tron GT 5 of 5 830x553

Photo Comparison: BMW i4 vs Audi e-tron GT

BMW just semi-revealed its first-ever electric sedan — the BMW i4 — to the world early this morning. I say semi-revealed because there were only a few photos released and about half of the total…

Audi e tron GT vs BMW i4 Concept 1 830x553

Photo Comparison: Audi e-tron GT vs BMW i4 Concept

When the Audi e-tron GT hits the road in Summer 2021, it’s only going to have two natural competitors; the Tesla Model S and Porsche Taycan, though the latter is more of a sibling than…