A limited-run special edition is a perfect opportunity for a luxury car brand to introduce a new paint job. BMW decided to inaugurate Frozen Sold White – an optional metallic color – with the M3 CS. The super sedan priced from $118,700 before options made its debut last weekend in Daytona with a splashy Signal Green finish but BMW Welt decided to opt for this new Individual color to showcase the Clubsport.

The M3 CS is essentially a four-door M4 CSL with rear seats and a less extreme diet. It is about 75 pounds lighter than the M3 Competition with M xDrive courtesy of numerous carbon fiber upgrades that come as standard, as does the titanium rear silencer. Like the Competition Sport Lightweight coupe, it has an assortment of red accents and a meaner front bumper for better airflow. This car has the flashy Gold Bronze wheels but you can have them in matte black as well.

Although we’d still take the M3 CS in Black Sapphire or Brooklyn Grey, we are hoping to see this matte white paint on other BMWs in the future. It’s unlikely Frozen Solid White will remain a one-off affair, especially since the M division has not ruled out the idea of coming out with another M4 CS. The white paint, red accents, exposed carbon fiber surfaces, and the Bronze Gold wheels are a lot to take in but we’re fairly certain there are people out there who would buy the car in this exact specification.

Production numbers won’t depend on the four paint jobs available but BMW has said it will make the M3 CS for only 12 months, starting March 2023. It estimates up to 2,000 cars will be assembled for the entire world, although the number could be higher depending on demand and available capacity at the factory in Munich.

We’ll be hearing more about the M3 G80 in the years to come considering a Life Cycle Impulse is bound to arrive around the middle of the decade. The facelifted sports sedan could remain in production until mid-2027, some two years after the arrival of a similarly sized Neue Klasse-based i3 Sedan.


[Photos: instagram.com/chrism2f87]