The ever-evolving Individual catalog of fancy paint jobs recently added Frozen Solid White. It’s exclusive to the newly released M3 CS, at least for the time being. Following its world premiere earlier this week, the sports sedan has been photographed at BMW’s UK headquarters in Farnborough. The Clubsport features many of the carbon fiber upgrades we saw last year on the M4 CSL but in a more practical four-door, four-seat format.

The matte paint is contrasted by red accents around the kidney grille to echo the hardcore coupe. However, the M4 CSL also has them surrounding the exposed carbon areas of the hood as well as on the roof, which isn’t the case here. That’s not to say the CS looks dull, even with this subdued white paint. Its striking appearance illustrates we’re dealing with the fastest and most powerful M3 in the nearly four decades that have passed since the original E30 was launched.

BMW M3 CS Frozen Solid White /

For those willing to go all out, BMW also sells the car in an eye-catching Individual Signal Green. Alternatively, the regular Sapphire Black and Brooklyn Grey are available at no extra charge. Speaking of costs, the M3 CS isn’t exactly cheap, carrying a starting price in Germany of €146,000 or nearly €46,000 more than the Competition xDrive upon which it’s based. The carbon-ceramic brakes alone are an additional €8,800 and there are other options to rapidly exceed the €160,000 threshold for the fully loaded configuration.

Much like the F80-generation model, the M3 CS will have a limited production run. We’ve heard up to 2,000 cars will be produced for the entire world. Much like it’s the case with the identically powered M4 CSL, all sedans will be manufactured with an automatic transmission but with xDrive instead of rear-wheel drive.

The CS is far from being the G80’s swan song since BMW allegedly intends to give the current-generation M3 Sedan a Life Cycle Impulse closer to the middle of the decade. The updated variant is believed to remain on sale until mid-2027.

Source: tim1king / Instagram