There’s another BMW X3 on the way, built on current CLAR architecture. However, while it’s based on a pre-existing—and soon-to-be-doomed—architecture, it’s going to have BMW’s latest technology. These new spy photos not only show of the upcoming G45-generation X3’s interior, they show off its upgraded technology. (We don’t own the spy photos but they can be seen here) As with all new BMW’s the G45 BMW X3 will get an entirely new dashboard design that features its curved dual-screen display. One half of the display is the iDrive screen (more on that in a bit) and the other half is the digital gauge cluster. The latter is likely set to get a refresh, due to the former being all-new for the G45.

Curved Display and New iDrive

When the G45 BMW X3 arrives, it’s likely to have BMW’s latest iDrive 9 system. We already broke down the differences between the upcoming iDrive 8.5 and iDrive 9. The latter will only be used on the newest of BMWs, starting with the 7 Series only for now. However, all new subsequent BMWs will also get the newest system. The X3 will be able to use iDrive 9 because it will come with the latest Android-based head unit, rather than the old Linux one.

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Along with the new screen, the G45 X3 has an entirely new center console design, BMW’s new toggle switch shifter, and the same new steering wheel design as the 7 Series and X1. All of that was to be expected, though, as with all new BMWs.

It will be interesting to see how the new iDrive and digital gauges look on the BMW X3 (and 7 Series once it’s updated). We also know that BMW is working on advanced head-up displays, so it will be interesting to see if that manifests itself on the X3. Either way, the new X3 will be the beginning of the end for BMW’s CLAR architecture, as it will be one of the last new cars built on it, as BMW makes way for its Neue Klasse of electric vehicles, one of which being the iX3.

BMW X3 M50i Likely

In the United States, the 2025 BMW X3 is said to come in a base version and an M Performance model. The latter is rumored to transition to the “M50i” designation, but nothing is official yet. An illuminated grille is apparently in the works for the G45, and so are driving aids to match those offered for the current X5. A small bump in size seems logical taking into consideration that the X1 now stretches 4.5 meters (177.1 inches) long.

A full-fat M variant is apparently not planned. BMW is said to be working on an iX3 M which is a fully-electric M SUV. There is no release date at the moment, but with the regular X3 starting production in August 2024, an X3 M electric won’t arrive until 2026-2027.

[Source: Car Scoops]