BMW’s CES attendance this year in Las Vegas is all about the i Vision Dee, but during the company’s conference, we were given a quick look at what lies ahead. CEO Oliver Zipse took the stage to preview a next-generation head-up display that will premiere on a production car in 2025. We’ll see it first on an i3 electric sedan developed on the forthcoming Neue Klasse platform.

Eagle-eyed readers will notice BMW teased more than just a swanky HUD because we can also see a section of the car’s interior. It’s different than the i Vision Dee’s minimalist cabin since it features a generously sized screen stretching across the entire width of the dashboard. It’s unclear whether we’re dealing with a single display or several screens positioned side by side to give the illusion of a uniform display.

BMW i Vision Dee concept

We are getting the impression it’s one interrupted display, which would be neat since bezels – be them slim or thick – typically cheapen the experience. For reference, the i Vision Dee (pictured right above) had a head-up display as wide as the bottom of the windscreen. In the Neue Klasse, it looks like there will be a screen from one corner of the dashboard to the other, with a HUD in the driver’s line of sight.

The steering wheel also seems to be more normal than the concept’s. Although we don’t get a full view of the dashboard, BMW design boss Adrian Van Hooydonk told us at CES that future BMWs will have even fewer conventional controls. Consequently, expect a minimalist dash, maybe not as simple as the i Vision Dee’s, but even more basic than current BMW interiors.

Not only will BMW cut down on the number of conventional buttons and switches, but it’s also looking to simplify the cabins furthermore where possible to reduce complexity and make recycling easier. A closer-to-production preview will take the shape of a new concept car the company intends to unveil this fall.

Source: BMW