Even though several months have already passed since the XM was revealed, the design of BMW’s first dedicated M car after the M1 remains a love/hate affair. A new walkaround video puts the spotlight on what is perhaps the most eccentric version money can buy since it combines Cape York Green with gold accents. It also happens to have the largest wheels ever fitted from the factory, a stately 23-inch set.

With a gargantuan kidney grille featuring an illuminated contour, the XM looks intimidating when viewed from the front. Its two-layer headlights are in line with those of the latest 7 Series and facelifted X7, and we’d argue the split lights work better on the taller front end of an SUV compared to a sedan. A black-painted vehicle will make the main LED cluster almost invisible since the low/high beams hide behind a heavily tinted panel.

You can (thankfully) do away with the gold exterior trim accents although we have a feeling the typical XM owner will want to stand out as much as possible. The gently sloped roofline does make the side profile look a bit more dynamic, but we’re still dealing with a massive and heavy SUV at the end of the day. The sheer size of the rear doors is a reminder the XM has the same wheelbase as the X7 but without a third row of seats.

The rear end is equally polarizing, featuring stacked exhaust tips flanking an oversized diffuser. The two BMW roundels at the upper corners of the window are one of the few subtle nods to the mid-engined M1 supercar. The prominent XM badge boasts gold accents to go along with the striking accent color of the diffuser. Much like the front fascia, the rear hosts large panels finished in glossy black.

While the exterior has been subjected to a lot of criticism, the XM’s cabin has been generally appreciated by fans. This one is the fancy specification with the optional Coffee Brown vintage leather combined with Deep Lagoon. The upper sections of the door trim panels and instrument panel are covered in soft Nappa leather for the first time in a BMW. The sculptural headliner is also a novelty, as is the so-called M Lounge to create a cozy atmosphere for people sitting in the back.

The standard 2023 XM will hit the market this spring and will be followed later this year by the hotter Label Red as BMW’s most powerful road-going vehicle ever.

Source: Supercar Blondie / YouTube