With 2022 almost entirely in the rearview mirror, the BMW Group is looking ahead to an equally busy next year. It has a big agenda for Latin America where it plans to introduce 15 cars in the next 12 months, with some of them being MINIs as well. The automotive conglomerate doesn’t go into details about the products it intends to launch, but we do know 10 of them will be hybrids and purely electric models.

To go along with the announcement, some interesting statistics are being pointed out by the BMW Group. For example, a third of all luxury cars sold in Latin America have the BMW badge. In addition, a fifth of all BMWs and MINIs sold in the region are hybrids and EVs. Throughout 2022, more than 7,000 partially and fully electrified cars have been sold, fueled by strong demand for the i4, iX3, and the Cooper SE. The large iX SUV has also been launched locally.

Latin America represents an important manufacturing hub for the BMW Group considering it has factories in the region. For example, the M2 G87 recently rolled off the assembly line at the San Luis Potosí Plant in Mexico where the regular 2 Series Coupe and the 3 Series are also being put together. BMW also operates Plant Araquari in Brazil where the X1, 3 Series, X3, and X4 are produced.

As to what lies ahead, the 5 Series will undoubtedly be the most important product launch for BMW next year. The eighth-generation sedan will come along with a purely electric i5 model in 2023 when the X5 and X6 SUVs will both receive a Life Cycle Impulse. Other novelties will include a facelifted 1 Series / M135i, the limited-run M3 CS, and a first-ever X1 M35i. The i7 M70 is also due next year together with an XM Label Red as the company’s most powerful production vehicle ever.

Source: BMW