BMW fans are well aware of the BMW M1 Procar, the racing version of the M1 supercar that raced in its own single-car racing series in the 1980s. It was an awesome looking race car and one that was driven by some of the world’s greatest drivers at the time, including Hans-Joachim Stuck, Niki Lauda, and Nelson Piquet. No Procars ever made it to the road but there was one man who wished they had and decided to take matters into his own hands. Peter Gartemann, president and owner of the BMW dealer AHG, decided to have a few M1s made to look like the Procar and one of them is headed to the RM Sotheby’s auction in Miami.

These BMW M1 Procar lookalikes for the road were called M1 AHG Studies and they had both visual and mechanical modifications. On the outside, the BMW M1 AHG Studie looks like a Procar, with the wider fenders, body kit, and rear wing. It even wears the same BBS wheels and Procar racing livery. So it legitimately looks like a Procar for the road, which is pretty cool.

Photo: European Auto Sport

Mechanically, it has an adjustable racing suspension, an upgrade to its 3.5-liter inline-six engine to make 355 horsepower, a racing clutch, and a new exhaust. So it’s both more powerful, louder, and more capable than the standard BMW M1. Will it feel like a Procar? No but it will feel faster and more dynamic than a normal M1.

However, it also has more luxury than the standard M1. The original BMW M1 cloth seat inserts were replaced with leather ones and more speakers were added to the cabin to increase the stereo sound.

Photo: European Auto Sport

BMW M1 AHG Studies are incredibly rare, with only a maximum of ten ever being built. And since this one only has 6,821 km (4,238 miles), it’s still minty fresh. It’s likely going to fetch around $550,000 but I can see it going for more than that, based on its rarity and mileage. Whoever buys it, I hope they drive it the way it deserves to be driven.

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