A surefire way of giving your car a fresh new look is by painting it in a different color. DipYourCar sells DIY peelable paint and they decided to do an experiment by combining two extremely different colors to see how such contrasting hues look when combined. After reading a suggestion that came from a viewer, they decided to apply blue over their yellow BMW M3 E46.

These weren’t just any regular paints as the base was a Wu-Tang Yellow Pearl on top of which they applied Cobalt Blue Candy to create an arguably interesting shade of green. While the two colors look great on their own, some would argue mixing them up is not such a great idea. We get to see the pros at work spraying nearly three gallons of blue for no fewer than nine coats over the yellow.

With each new coat applied, the car got darker and darker. However, in the end, they were unable to make the color look even across the sports coupe’s body. That’s not to say the M3 E46 looks bad, especially for something that was intended to be an experiment. Combining two contrasting colors could’ve gone much worse than this.

At the end of the day, we’d still take the M3 E46 in the original Oxford Green II Metallic offered by BMW from the factory. Carrying the “430” codename, it was the only green shade offered, available from September 2000 until August 2004. Green M3 E46s are somewhat of a rare sight, and this car is certainly going to attract a lot of attention if the guys from DipYourCar will keep it looking like this.

The freshly applied paint looks nearly black from some angles, and it’s only when you get closer to the car you realize the finish is not exactly perfect. Nevertheless, this must’ve been a fun experiment to combine two bold colors: Wu-Tang Yellow Pearl with Cobalt Blue Candy.

Source: DipYourCar / YouTube