BMW is making a rather surprising announcement in Japan by disclosing plans to create a club just for owners of certain high-end models. Tentatively called the “Exclusive Membership Club Community,” it will become operational in the first quarter of next year. If you happen to have one of the lesser models, you’re out of luck as only owners of the most expensive vehicles will be eligible to join the club.

BMW Japan says the community will be limited to owners of the 7 Series / i7, X7, 8 Series, and the upcoming XM plug-in hybrid SUV. We’re being told members must meet “certain conditions,” which implies there might be some other restrictions beyond the type of car eligible. This Exclusive Membership Club Community (provisional name) will be “operated in a completely closed system,” so it’s bound to be an entirely private club.

As far as perks are concerned, BMW Japan says owners will get to enjoy “special experiences” and attend a variety of events covering golf, art, and music. Test drive events are also planned for members of the club, and people will be invited whenever a new model is going to be launched in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Japan was one of the first markets to get a special version of the G70, namely a First Edition sold online, based on the gasoline-fueled 7 Series and fully electric i7. Customers had to pick from three versions: 740i Excellence, 740i M Sport, or an i7 xDrive60 Excellence, with each limited to 50 units. Last year, BMW also launched locally an X7 Nishijin Edition to celebrate the namesake district in the country.

It should be noted BMW Japan played an important role – along with Australia and the United Kingdom – in convincing the higher-ups from Munich to green light a right-hand-drive M3 Touring. Speaking of high-performance cars, the M4 CSL was introduced in the country a couple of months ago and Japan got 25 cars out of a global production run of 1,000 units.

Source: BMW Japan