An all-new, limited-edition BMW X7 was just revealed for the Japanese market. The BMW X7 “Nishijin Edition” was designed to celebrate the Nishijin district in Japan, which is famous for its traditional textile production. To honor that long-standing tradition, the this limited-run BMW X7 gets an incredibly unique interior, designed to represent the beautiful textiles of the Nishijin district.

For the outside, the BMW X7 gets the BMW Individual Ametrine exterior paint color, which was chosen not only for its similarities to many of the Nishijin textile designs but because of the way it changes in different light.

However, it’s the interior that really shines. While the cabin itself is just a standard Ivory Merino leather interior, the headliner, center armrest, and trim are anything but standard. They’re all covered in a stunning traditional design, made in the traditional Nishijin-ori process.

For the trim pieces, in the traditional Nishijin-ori style, foil is applied to Japanese paper to create the design and that is directly applied to all of the trim word. The different layers of silver and gold foil, as well as the pigments used, create an incredible depth of color that varies in certain lights, while also providing an incredible sparkle. It’s easily the most unique and stunning piece of trim we’ve ever seen in a BMW.

For the leather on the center armrest, the same foil is applied to the merino leather and it’s all woven together using silk warp threads. There’s also some depth added to the design, with the white three-dimensional weave, featuring the image of Keiun, said to be a “beautiful, happy cloud”, a design typically said to be a sign of congratulations.

The entire headliner of the the BMW X7 Nishijin Edition also gets the same design, making the entire cabin seem like giant canvas, covered in artwork. Despite being a BMW, this X7 has more of a Rolls-Royce feel, due to the extent to which its bespoke designs go.

If you want a BMW X7 Nishijin Edition, it will cost you ¥16,800,000 (which roughly equates to $152,000 USD), so it’s not cheap. However, we’ve never seen a special edition X7 that’s quite as special as this one. It’s also extraordinarily limited, with only three models being made. Orders are available now, here.