An unconventional car deserves an atypical commercial and BMW M is doing just that for its striking XM. The plug-in hybrid SUV wants to “break the norm” in a new ad co-starring musician Christian Scott better known by its Chief Adjuah stage name. As with most modern car ads, the 60-second clip doesn’t necessarily focus on the product. Instead, it tries to send a message about how the first dedicated M car since the iconic M1 was developed to “change the game.”

Some of us past a certain age will always prefer the traditional commercials in which the automaker devotes most of the precious ad seconds to the actual product. Those are sadly rare and far between these days, but there’s probably a logical marketing explanation as to why these days ads are so fast-paced. For someone who is unfamiliar with the XM, this ad doesn’t provide factual information, but at least it shows the electrified mastodont inside and out.

Wearing a Cape York Green paint, the 2023 XM is showcased riding on 23-inch wheels – the largest set to ever come from the factory on a production BMW. The alloys feature flashy gold accents to complement the glitzy body accents in the same color. Although we only get to see the interior for a split second, it’s enough to observe the fancy sculptural headliner with a 3D look. The cabin seems to be finished in the optional Deep Lagoon Merino leather combined with Coffee Brown Vintage leather.

The ad is telling us the XM takes “the best from the past to shape the future,” one that will contain only plug-in hybrid and electric BMW M models from 2023. The recently launched M2 G87 is the final ICE-only series production car and will be followed later this month by the limited-run 3.0 CSL with an uprated version of the same S58.

Speaking of engines, the new S68 installed in the XM is also found in the X7 LCI and 760i. In the XM Label Red coming in 2023, the plug-in hybrid powertrain will deliver nearly 740 hp and 1,000 Nm (737 lb-ft). Until then, the standard XM will have to make do with “only” 644 hp and 590 lb-ft (800 Nm).

Source: BMW M / YouTube