The 2023 XM already looks wild from the factory but wait until tuners get their hands on BMW’s super SUV. In the meantime, independent artists are coming up with imaginary makeovers for the dedicated M model to lend Bavaria’s most powerful production vehicle an even more striking appearance. Case in point, this hypothetical aftermarket package makes the standard XM look tame by comparison.

Although it may seem over the top, it’s 2022 and people have eccentric tastes. It’s the reason why tuners like Mansory are so successful with their flashy body kits. Someone who is buying an XM certainly doesn’t want to fly under the radar, so why not go all the way and dress up the plug-in hybrid SUV like this? Lest we forget that BMW itself is working on a look-at-me version of its bespoke M model that will arrive next year as the Red Label.

These renderings show the XM slammed to the ground while flaunting forged carbon fiber body add-ons along with dual rear spoilers at the back. Maybe it’s the kid inside us, but we’ll be brutally honest and admit the murdered-out version pictured at the bottom isn’t half bad. We’re fairly certain some XM owners will decide to black out their vehicles to achieve a downright sinister appearance.

It will be a while before we’ll see the first actual custom body kits for the XM since BMW won’t start production at the Spartanburg factory until December. The electrified SUV will arrive at dealers in spring and the main markets the German automaker is targeting are the US, China, and the Middle East. The Red Label is due next fall with a predominantly black look combined with contrasting red accents.

Having seen how the M2 looks with M Performance Parts, it’s safe to say the days of understated M cars are long gone. We’ll have to wait and see how this courageous design approach will impact sales, but keep in mind that 2021 was the M division’s best year ever.

Source: ildar_project / Instagram