As if the new M2’s design wasn’t polarizing enough, BMW M has also prepared many M Performance Parts to lend the G87 an even more controversial look. We’ve already seen the official photos and now M is providing a closer look courtesy of a first video shared on Instagram. It’s not just the extra body bits that make the coupe look striking, but also the two-tone paint with curved lines and a huge “M2” decal on the hood.

This fully loaded version has more carbon fiber upgrades beyond the roof. While a press release has yet to be issued, we’re noticing the lightweight material just about everywhere, starting with the front fascia. It’s around the square air intakes and the use of carbon fiber gives the illusion they’re larger than the standard ones. A prominent spoiler lip with large winglets gives the 2023 M2 a more muscular front.

The car’s profile is interesting not only because of the carbon fiber add-ons on the fenders and side skirts but also due to the wheels. It would appear the second-generation M2 will be the first BMW M road car to get optional center-lock wheels since we can’t see the usual five lugnuts on this black set. If that’s the case, it goes without saying these alloys will be a pricey option. The latest intel suggests center-lock wheels will also be available for the ultra-rare 3.0 CSL as well as the M3 and M4.

At the back, the M2 with M Performance Parts looks just as wild as from the other angles. It has a carbon fiber wing installed on the trunk along with a roof-mounted spoiler. As seen on the M3/M4, the speedy coupe will also be offered with the center-mounted quad exhaust featuring stacked tips. Rounding off the tweaks at the back are extra carbon fiber bits to drive the point home about being an upgraded M2.

With the full gamut of M Performance Parts, the 2023 BMW M2 is certainly an acquired taste. That said, you’re not being forced to have these extras.

Source: BMW M / Instagram