With cars becoming rolling computers, all this technology could become overwhelming for people who consider the automobile should be all about driving. That said, the ability to improve in-car functions after making the purchase is great, especially if the owner doesn’t have to pay extra to access the newly added goodies. That brings us to BMW’s new Remote Software Upgrade 07-22, which has been rolling out since last week for around 3.8 million vehicles.

In a press release issued today to explain what’s new, BMW mentions the over-the-air update is compatible only with the eighth-generation iDrive. However, the good news is an OTA update will follow for older vehicles equipped with the Operating System 7. All the software tweaks take approximately 20 minutes to install and bring improvements not only to the infotainment but also in terms of safety and driver assistance.

So, what’s new with the Remote Software Upgrade 07-22? Here are the ten highlights:

  • Extensive improvements to the charging- route (iX and i4 made before July 2022);
  • New skills and greater visual expression for the BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant (all models with BMW Operating System 8 manufactured before July 2022);
  • Integration of Amazon Alexa in BMW Operating System 8 (all models with OS8 manufactured before July 2022);
  • New My Modes “Expressive” and “Relax” (BMW iX and 2 Series Active Tourer made before July 2022);
  • In-car integration of the ConnectedDrive Store for adding functions at a later date (BMW iX and 2 Series Active Tourer manufactured before July 2022);
  • Improvements to BMW ID and My BMW App (all models with OS8 manufactured before July 2022);
  • Exit warning function for increased safety when getting out of the vehicle (iX and 2 Series Active Tourer models made before July 2022);
  • Front Collision Warning with braking intervention helps to prevent collisions (iX and 2 Series Active Tourer manufactured before July 2022);
  • QLOCKTWO time display for all models with OS8;
  • Improvements for models with OS7.

It should be mentioned there are more than 30 models that run on the previous- or current-generation infotainment with support for Remote Software Upgrade. Availability and the included content vary from country to country and it also depends on the model. You’ll never install the wrong version because the system always shows the next compatible update.

Source: BMW