In the video below, we will take a look at all the functions and buttons in the new BMW iX. The electric crossover went on sale this year and, along with the new BMW i7, it is the most technologically advanced BMW ever made. So naturally, its functionalities can be overwhelming for first-time BMW customers. This tutorial goes over all the buttons and switches found on the outside of the car, before jumping in to explore the cabin.

Inside, you’re getting things like the electrochromic sunroof, which can switch from opaque to transparent with the press of a button, and BMW’s latest iDrive system. There’s also an interior camera that can be used as either an automotive selfie stick or a theft deterrent. Passengers can use the camera to take photos of themselves and share them straight to social media from the iDrive screen. The camera shoots in HDR during the day but also in sharp black and white night vision at night.

The BMW iX also gets augmented reality navigation in the driver’s display. A live feed of the road ahead is projected onto the display, with digital graphic overlays added to it, to help the driver navigate tricky areas. The steering wheel features several function keys allowing you to personalize onscreen options, as well as navigate the displays and toggle between menus and widgets. Backseat passengers also have access to some unique features, like USB-C ports embedded in the seats.

Towards the end of the video, we also go over some hidden features and we also demo how to use the BMW iX key fob, in case it runs out of battery. So let’s take a loo at this BMW iX demo video and please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel!