Photographer Jules Capdeville (@julescapdeville) shares with us some captivating images of the 2021 BMW M4 Competition. And to make things even more exciting, this is the first time we’re seeing the new G82 M4 in the San Marino Blue color. San Marino Blue is one of the favorites of the BMW crowd, being a truly rare color. It is an M-only shade that used to be available only for the M6 range. However, since the new BMW M4 and M4 can be put through the Individual program that’s not an issue as long as you can afford it.

Depending on the light, this special BMW Individual shade of blue is a tad brighter than the Tanzanite Blue metallic, for example, but it also incorporates a depth that mimics the color of marine waters. Furthermore, the photographer played with the light and managed to emphasize the character line running across the side of the M4. Compared to the previous design language, the Zickler line is now ending into the rear fender, in a downward motion, further accentuating the car’s width.

Another line flows from behind the front wheel arches and moves upwards into the rear fender as well. The two lines form a concave which allow the light reflection giving the car a more dynamic and sporty look. The new sculpted hood also looks great under these light conditions, while the massive kidney grille is cleverly hidden. The rear-end is equally spectacular in these images, showing soft square shapes paired with the elegant taillights.

The BMW Individual program for the G80 M3 and G82 M4 is quite extensive with the following paintworks available in the online configurator: Frozen White, Frozen Brilliant White, Frozen Black, Frozen Dark Grey, Frozen Orange, Frozen Portimao, Dravit Grey,  Oxide Grey and Tanzanite Blue II. Of course, you can always go off-script and, if money no object, you can pretty much get any color on your new M3/M4.

The standard color palette for the new 2021 BMW M3 and M4 is also quite diversified. The design team in Munich decided to give us a wide range of paint options, from boring ones to more daring options. From non-metallic to metallic and matte options, there is likely a color for every M owner out there.

  • Non-metallic: Alpine White, Sao Paulo Yellow (new addition)
  • Metallic: Isle of Man Green (new), Toronto Red (new), Sapphire Black, Skyscraper Grey, Portimao Blue, Brooklyn Grey

To see more of this 2021 BMW M4 in San Marino Blue, please click on the photo gallery below: