BMW is very into fashion at the moment, seemingly constantly partnering with fashion designers and brands to make unique, stylish one-offs. It just launched a campaign, with custom cars and apparel, in collaboration with KITH. Now, a Munich-based BMW dealership is collaborating with Meindl Fashion, the German fashion brand, on a custom BMW X6 M with a deer leather interior. Apparently, this deer leather is the same sort of leather used in the making of traditional Bavarian lederhosen. So there’s some cultural significance to its usage here. In the real world, though it certainly looks very… different.

There’s something admittedly luxurious looking about the soft, matte leather. It just looks very comfortable to sit in and nice to touch. Though, you really have to be into the whole deer leather thing, as it’s pretty much everywhere you can touch; on the seats, steering wheel, armrests, door panels, headliner, and even the dash trim. There’s even some on the top of the shift knob. More than that, there are also images of deer in the dash trim. Having images of deer on deerskin leather seems a bit odd, though.

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On the outside, the earthy green paint matches the woodsy brown deer leather interior well, and feels like a sort of German interpretation of classic British colors. The two-tone brown and black interior is also interesting and it mostly works but the black headrests seem to clash with the brown seats.

Of all BMW’s recent fashion collaborations, this is one of the more interesting, even if it isn’t for everyone’s taste. It certainly has a more outdoorsy feel that a standard BMW interior and, if you’re into that, than this is pretty cool. But if you aren’t into having Bambi-skinned leather, than maybe stick to one of BMW’s other fashion collaborations, from KITH or Futura.