Although the BMW X6 M Competition and Ferrari Purosangue are both high-performance SUVs, the two play in different leagues. The former costs about $131,000 while the latter retails for roughly $400,000 before you add options. Nevertheless, here are the two speedy luxobarges fighting in a drag race alongside other similar vehicles.

The folks at Carwow decided to spice things up by bringing six additional SUVs of similar caliber: the Porsche Cayenne Turbo, Aston Martin DBX 707, Lamborghini Urus Performante, Range Rover Sport SV, Mercedes-AMG G63, and the Land Rover Defender V8. The unconventional drag race had a photo finish as the Purosangue and DBX were virtually tied. Both completed the quarter mile in 11.7 seconds.

However, this wasn’t entirely a fair fight since some of the SUVs had a poor start. It’s especially true in the case of the Urus as it took its sweet time off the line. The G63 was also unusually slow at the start of the race, so the outcome is not necessarily conclusive. As it stands, the X6 M appears to offer the best bang for the buck.

In the rolling races that followed, the three slowest cars from the drag race were eliminated, meaning the G63, Defender V8, and Range Rover SV weren’t included. The remaining vehicles fought in a straight-line acceleration from 50 mph to the half-mile mark. The first rolling race was interrupted by an adventurous hare the Purosangue almost smashed into.  Things weren’t any better in the second fight since the Ferrari’s gearbox was mistakenly in automatic mode.

The same Purosangue did manage to win the first completed rolling race during which the X6 M was last. The silver lining is that the BMW did manage to win in a subsequent rolling race against the G63, Defender V8, and Range Rover SV.

The last order of business was a brake test to see which SUV stopped in the shortest distance from 100 mph. The X6 M Competition won by coming to a halt sooner than all the other seven SUVs.

Source: carwow / YouTube