KITH and BMW teamed up once again, to combine fashion and cars and this time it’s going to auction off both. For the collaboration, KITH and BMW configured an exclusive BMW i4, along with a collection of apparel, that will be auctioned off in a public Sotheby’s auction on October 7.

Vitality Green Color for BMW i4

Let’s start with the cars. The BMW i4 M50 by KITH is custom made with a Vitality Green paint, a unique color that has never been featured on a BMW product before and will never be featured on any other BMW production in the future. This the one time in history a BMW will get the admittedly stunning metallic green paint. Aside from the lovely paint, the only other exterior flourishes are its front emblem, which features an outer ring that states the car’s uniqueness, and a “KITH” logo in place of the i4 M50 logo.

Caramel Merino Leather

Inside, the BMW i4 M50 gets Caramel Merino leather, with “KITH” embossed in a repeating pattern on the arm rest and headrests. Both the cupholder cover and dashboard trim get “KITH Exclusive Edition” logos. While I’m not typically one for fashion, this is actually a very good looking i4, with a great color combination.

The apparel collection part of this collaboration features a suite of various sweaters, jackets, and leather goods, among other things. It’s all very fashionable, and very typically Autumn-looking, so I can imagine the fashionista BMW owners being very excited by it. Along with the apparel, there are also some additional items, such as a snowboard, skis, and even a tennis racket. It probably says a lot about my fashion taste that my favorite piece in the collection is the mug…

The collection was also part of a photoshoot with iconic actor Edward Norton (Fight Club). Norton’s photoshoot included both the KITH-designed BMW i4 M50 and a gorgeous matching BMW 2002. The 2002 features the same Vitality Green paint and Caramel interior and is absolutely stunning. In fact, I initially didn’t even notice the i4 was in some of the photos because I couldn’t take my eyes off of the 2002. KITH’s Ronnie Fieg clearly has quite good taste in customizing classic BMWs.

Whoever bids highest on the auction on October 7 will win the BMW i4 M50, along with one of each item from the apparel collection. And it’s the only way to get any of the items, as none of them will be sold publicly. Ten percent of the proceeds from the auction will go to the Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.

[Source: KITH]