As we’re nearing the official unveil of the BMW XM, first patent drawings surface on the Internet. According to ixforums, BMW XM drawings were filled in Japan. At a first glance, there are only subtle changes between the concept and production versions of the XM. At the front, the hood gets a less aggressive shape. The daytime running lights also take a different shape, as well as the housing for the beams. The lights follow the same design language as the X7 Facelift and new 7 Series.

A Toned Down Design

The kidney grille has certainly been revised. It seems to be smaller in size while featuring a similar shape as the X5 M. Changes took place in the lower front fascia as well. The bumper was slightly changed with a large air intake and a typical sensor/camera.

The side view reveals a different rocker design while the overall shape seems to be less aggressive towards the rear. Surprisingly, the new patent drawings show a traditional door handle, compared to the flushed door handles on the Concept XM. Moving in the rear, the new drawings showcase new taillights as well. They are less slick as on the concept model. The roof is less tapered while the hatch takes a more conventional shape, typical to a crossover.

The changes extend to the exhaust system as well. While the XM retains the unique quad pipes, they are still stacked, but slightly angled now. The rear diffuser was also adjusted to fit a production series model. Overall, the shape of the production XM is a bit more conventional in design than the concept car. Its panels are not as sharp and the design is simply more cohesive. There are no images of the interior, but we’ve already seen a glimpse of it in the XM prototype we drove. It basically mimics the design of the BMW X5 M Competition, with minor changes unique to the XM.

Unveil Date

We expect BMW to unveil the XM sometimes in late October – early November, with first test drives scheduled for Spring 2023. Initially, BMW will offer one XM model – a 750 hp plug-in hybrid. Additional models are expected shortly after. You can see the full image set at ixforums.

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