This new U11 generation of BMW X1 is set to be one of the brand’s best all-around cars. Not only is it the best looking SUV in the brand’s lineup in my opinion (that’s right, I think the front-wheel drive X1 is better looking than all other BMW SUVs, fight me), it’s also an affordable, practical, and sporty crossover for everyday use. With a starting price of around $40,000 (after destination), the BMW X1 isn’t exactly cheap but it comes with a lot of car for the money. Plus, it has the best color selection of any non-M BMW.

BMW USA’s online configurator just added the X1, so you can now go and personalize your new family Bimmer. As someone with a small family, and who would greatly appreciate the X1’s utility, I was very intrigued to customize my own X1. What’s interesting is that cars like the BMW X1—front-wheel drive crossovers—aren’t particularly exciting to look at. So it’s incredibly refreshing that BMW gave it a vibrant color palette.

Outside of the usual flat and metallic whites and blacks, here are the color options for the BMW X1: Phytonic Blue, Portimao Blue, Storm Bay (gray), San Remo Green, Cape York Green, Utah Orange, and Frozen Pure Grey. All of which are metallic and all of which look great on the X1. Of course, I chose San Remo Green on my hypothetical build because green is best.

There are some good options inside, too. There’s a black Alcantara option, which is cool on an entry-level crossover, red/black leather, and a dark brown Mocha leather. I chose Mocha, as it works best with San Remo Green. I also chose the eucalyptus wood trim, which is the best trim option and makes the X1 look far more premium.

What’s encouraging is that, even with a few options, you can get a nicely equipped BMW X1 for under $45,000, with cool colors and great tech. If you really spec it out, you’ll get closer to $50,000 but it doesn’t really go much higher than that. The new BMW X1 is going to be a very popular car among the brand’s customers and it isn’t hard to see why.