BMWs are pretty small time in Pebble Beach, when compared to Duesenbergs and Talbots. However, at the Pebble Beach auction, held by Gooding & Company, there were some really nice BMWs that sold for interesting prices.

Precisely five BMWs were sold at auction in Pebble Beach and all of them were lovely. What’s interesting, though, is that only two of them would truly be considered classics. So let’s take a look at the five Bimmers that were auctioned off during America’s most prestigious event.

1990 E30 M3

Not the sale car

Finished in a lovely Sterling Silver Metallic, the 1990 E30 M3 sold for $87,360. That’s actually a pretty low price considering how many E30 M3s sell for six-figures and how nice of an example this car is. It’s quite possibly the most immaculate E30 M3 I’ve ever seen and it’s in an interesting color, as most E30 M3s are red, white, or black. A silver one is cool.

2000 E39 M5

Not the sale car

The only thing wrong with this E39 M5 is its mileage—with only 18,926 miles, it’s barely been driven. The E39 M5 was designed and built to be driven often and at speed. However, this car’s gorgeous condition gives the second owner a chance to drive it properly. Its Dark Blue Metallic color is perfection and the black leather seats look as if they’ve never held a human ass. No wonder it sold for $73,930.

2013 BMW M3 Lime Rock Park

Not the sale car

Lime Rock E92 M3s are great cars and highly desirable but this is the most expensive one we’ve ever seen, with someone dropping $263,200. Being a Lime Rock Park edition, the only real differences between it and the standard M3 are its Competition Package and its exclusive orange color. It’s a fantastic car but that seems a bit high of a price for one.

1973 BMW 2002 “Baur” Cabriolet

Not the sale car

Now here’s where it starts to get interesting. This 1973 2002 “Baur” Cabriolet is one of just 2,317 made, commissioned by Karrosserie Baur. It was designed to provide the open-air benefits of convertible driving with the rigidity of a coupe. It was the same reason Porsche built the Targa but BMW couldn’t use the Targa name. Its gorgeous Baur-designed body work is painted in Taiga Green Metallic, over black interior, and it’s easy to see why it fetched $67,200.

1937 BMW 328 Roadster

This is something genuinely special. This ’37 328 Roadster is completely original, unrestored, and numbers-matching. Personally, this is exactly the sort of vintage car I want to drive; scruffy, a little bit rough around the edges, and covered in patina. I don’t want to fear every rock chip scratching the paint on a priceless classic. I want to get in and drive and this 328 looks like a blast. Of course, these cars will always have the dark shadow of fascism cast over them but if you can appreciate the car, without the atrocities that surrounded them at the time, the 328 Roadster is one helluva car. Which is why it sold for $874,000.

[Source: Gooding & Co.]