One of the main perks of being able to afford a luxury car is having the opportunity to choose between a wide array of options. Fitting for a flagship car, BMW offers a high level of customization for its all-new 7 Series and one of the available specs is currently showcased in Munich at BMW Welt. Whoever configured the electric sedan played it safe since it doesn’t have an eccentric color, although this Oxid Grey Metallic does cost extra (€1,150).

The i7 xDrive60 built for the German market is a midrange trim level since it’s the M Sport variant (from €142,800) positioned above the base Design Pure Excellence and the M Sport Package Pro. Those 21-inch aero-optimized wheels are from the Individual catalog and represent a €1,400 option. You’ll also notice the glossy black roof to complement the dark accents of the front and rear bumpers.

The interior theme is an extension of the body’s color, but with a twist. Rather than the typical leather you’ll find on just about every luxury car out there, this i7 has the optional wool and cashmere upholstery representing a pricey €11,400 Individual upgrade. Going for this finish forces the customer to also get no fewer than four packages: Connoisseur, Executive Lounge, Executive, and Innovation. That drives up the price to a total of over €173,000.

It’s worth noting the i7 will be available initially exclusively in the xDrive60 flavor, but a more potent derivative has already been announced. Coming later in 2023, the M70 is going to have 660 horsepower, or about 116 hp more than the launch model. Torque hasn’t been mentioned, but look for more than the already massive 745 Newton-meters (550 pound-feet) you get with the standard i7. With the iX M60, BMW has taken its dual-motor setup to an astounding 1,015 Nm (749 lb-ft).

The next-gen 7 Series / i7 will have its global market launch in November.

Source: rsDrive / YouTube