The next-generation BMW M5 is going to be a big deal. While it won’t be the first hybrid M car—that honor goes to the BMW XM—but it will be the first hybrid M car with an established name. The BMW M5 is not only a staple of the BMW brand but it’s a staple of the automotive industry. It’s probably the most famous super sedan in the world. So when it makes the jump to a hybrid powertrain, people tend to take notice and they will next year when it debuts.

Second M Hybrid Model

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In these new spy photos, the upcoming G90 BMW M5 shows off some of its new design, albeit behind camouflage, and its plug-in hybrid nature. Through the camo, you can see sensibly-sized kidney grilles, which is a huge relief. For the most part, the next-gen M5 looks pretty tame, without any big fender flares to give it that distinct M car look. Though, it’s still early in the production process and this test mule might just not the final body design yet. Although, you can see large air intakes in the front bumper, which seem to have a big mesh screen underneath them.

750 Horsepower Rumored

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On the side of the car, barely visible in these photos, are “Hybrid Test Vehicle” badges, proving what we already knew—the G90 M5 will be a hybrid. In fact, it will pack the same plug-in hybrid powertrain as the upcoming BMW XM, a twin-turbocharged 4.4-liter V8, paired to an electric motor, which is rumored to make more around 750 horsepower. The full-on XM is said to be getting around 750 horsepower, so the M5 will likely be in the same ballpark.

Due to that hybrid powertrain, the G90 BMW M5 is likely going to be a porker. It wouldn’t shock me to see it weigh over 2.5 tons. However, with all of that power, combined with instant electric torque and all-wheel drive, it could the fastest M5 in history. Which is honestly hard to believe because the current M5 CS hits 60 mph in 2.8 seconds and runs a quarter-mile in the 10s. But straight-line speed won’t matter if it’s boring to drive. So I’m hoping the M Division sprinkles some of that CS magic onto the standard M5 for the next generation.

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