MINI’s future is electric. That much is certain. The BMW Group announced that MINI would be the first of its brands to make the switch entirely to electric vehicles, sometime before 2030. One of the first EV MINIs to come will actually be a surprising one–a MINI EV Convertible–and it’s probably going to be the most fun MINI model on sale when it debuts.

According to our sources, there’s going to be an all-electric MINI Convertible by 2025 and we know it’s going to be built on the next-generation of UKL architecture, not this current MINI platform. When it does debut, it will almost certainly have a superior range to the current MINI Cooper SE, simply because it’s built on a newer platform, with newer battery tech. However, range is less important than fun and the MINI EV Convertible should have a healthy supply of the latter.

Why is MINI going to focus on a convertible ahead of other EVs? The answer is two-fold. The first part is an easy one–sales. One in ever five MINIs sold last year was a convertible model, showing that customers really like their drop-top MINIs. The second part is because a an electric convertible MINI would be an absolute riot.

Think about MINI’s classic go-kart feel, even if it has lost some of its mojo over the past few years. Now add the instant torque punch of an electric motor and the ability to wind-sweep your hair whenever you’d like. Sounds pretty good, right? That’s because it would be good. It’d be great, even. MINIs are still fun cars to drive and a topless EV version would be among the best.

For starters, electric MINIs are great, whether they’re new from-the-factory cars or fan-made contraptions. The instant torque of even modestly powered electric motors fits right in with the instant, engaging steering and handling of a modern MINI. But making it a convertible sends it over the top, as it allows you as the driver to engage with even more of your senses: feel the air in your hair, breath in all the smells from outside. It’s a more visceral experience and one that would have MINI customers coming back for more.

We don’t have enough final details to give you any specs of official information. All we know is that there’s an all-electric MINI Convertible on the way and it will be here in by 2025.