In case you haven’t heard, this year marks the 50th anniversary of BMW’s M Division. To celebrate, BMW has put out special edition cars, like the M4 CSL, and shown off some of its old classics. But if you really want to celebrate the M Division and its five decades of brilliant cars, check this video from Auto Express.

Steve Sutcliffe drives several of the M Division’s greatest cars in this new video. Cars like the original BMW M1, the E30 M3, the E39 M5, E92 M3 GTS, and G80 M3, with a few more thrown in for good measure. More importantly, he drives them in all in chronological order, so you can get an idea of how BMW M progressed over the years and how different each generation of M car felt. What’s interesting is that not all of them feel like proper M cars and you can see the weak spots in its history.

However, you also get to see the bright spots and when BMW M got things right, it really got them right. You can tell by the look on Sutcliffe’s face and the giddy delivery of his lines, which cars felt truly special on track at Llandow Circuit. While most of them seemed like good fun, there were only a few that really had him smiling, including the E30 M3, of course.

There were some surprise good ones, too. For instance, he really seemed to like the E92 M3 GTS and, judging by his superlatives and gigantic grin, I’d say that was the car he had the most fun in, even more so than the classics.

Lastly, Sutcliffe drove the G80 BMW M3, the latest and most controversially-styled M car in its 50-year history. After driving so many of the M Division’s classics, the cars we all hold in such high regard, how does he feel about the new stuff and is BMW M still headed in the right direction? Watch this video to find out.