The BMW M1 Hommage is one of the most exciting concept cars ever delivered by the design studio in Munich. Unveiled in 2008 at the Concorso d’Eleganza at Villa d’Este, the spiritual successor of the M1 supercar was and still is a stunning piece of automotive art. Fourteen years ago social media was still in its infancy, but at the time, the Internet exploded with the staggeringly high expectations of what a futuristic BMW M1 would be like.

Best BMW Concept In Recent History

Understandably so, as the original BMW M1 is one of the greatest mid-engined supercars ever made, and possibly the first accessible one. The original M1 was designed by Giugiaro and, of course, was gorgeous because of that. It had timeless good looks, a 3.5 liter straight-six engine mounted in the middle and was BMW’s first supercar. So a hommage concept to such a vehicle gave BMW fans, and car enthusiasts in general, hope that something like the M1 would return.

Yet, the M1 Hommage never moved past its concept status and was purely a design exercise with no drivetrain underneath its beautiful shapes. To tease us even more of the possibilities and opportunities missed, BMW M decided to bring back to life the M1 Hommage by displaying it tonight at the 2022 Concorso d’Eleganza.

Still Fresh 14 Years Later

And once again, the concept car did not disappoint. Its design looks as fresh as 14 years ago and could easily roll off the production lines tomorrow with plenty of customers lined up for it. The classic M1 body shape and the lowered rear window are the clearest nods to the original M1, but the face is a noticeable departure. Gone is the typical BMW double-kidney grille. Instead, this car features a trapezoidal lower opening with its four round headlights tucked behind some unique light housing.

The rear-end is also clearly inspired by the original M1, but looks a lot more refined and modern, as you’d expect of a car of this century. The squinty taillights, roundel emblems flanking either side and the louvered rear window are all reminiscent of the original M1. The side view is sleek and bright red color is just another tease. The car displayed at the Villa d’Este Concours was  a non-functional prototype, with no engine and interior, but with working lights and steering.

The BMW M1 Hommage is one of the BMW concept cars. It’s just so good looking and it harkens back to one of the greatest cars in BMW’s history. So one has to wonder: What’s holding you back, BMW?