Aside from getting its very own 50 Jahre special editions of the M3 and M4, BMW Singapore organized a get-together of M cars to celebrate half a century of the performance division. No fewer than 55 vehicles arrived at the Gillman Barracks to form the number “50” and therefore properly mark the milestone. The car formation represents a new regional record, as recognized by the Singapore Book of Records for the “Largest Gathering of BMW M Cars in Singapore.”

With 55 cars coming together in the same spot, the previous record established back in February 2019 was surpassed by an additional 14 vehicles. More than 100 BMW M owners and their friends attended the event, which included all sorts of models varying from coupes and sedans to crossovers and larger SUVs.

Throughout the course of 2022, BMW Singapore will be coming out with additional 50 Jahre special edition cars to follow the Isle of Man Green M3 Competition and the Sao Paulo Yellow M4 Competition. Singapore-exclusive offers are planned, along with a wide array of Individual paints, a decal option, and a rich portfolio of M Performance parts.

Certain models will be offered in Dakar Yellow, Macao Blue, Imola Red, or Frozen Marina Bay Blue. Regardless of the body paint, these M cars will carry the retro-flavored BMW Motorsport logo at the front and rear as well as on the wheel center caps as a nod to the division’s early days in the 1970s.

In addition, BMW Singapore has prepared numerous M Performance parts tailored to the entire array of sporty cars, from the M135i to the M8. Not only that, but the automaker’s local branch says the “first electrified high-performance model in the history of BMW M GmbH” is getting the same treatment. It seems the XM will be available from day one with a multitude of add-ons.

Source: BMW