Another day, another teaser – that will likely be the norm until May 20 when the wraps are going to come off the M4 CSL. The latest preview released by BMW M on social media puts the spotlight on the vintage emblem. It’s not reserved for the Coupe Sport Lightweight as all M cars produced from March come with the retro look. The same applies to vehicles equipped with the M Sport Package.

Inspired by the classic BMW Motorsport logo first used in 1973, the shifted semicircles in blue, violet, and red are available throughout the course of 2022 during which the M division is celebrating 50 years of existence. The badge is installed not only at the front and rear but also on the wheel center caps. Customers are not stuck with these logos since M and M Sport cars can still be fitted with the standard BMW badging.

There’s more to the teaser image than the logo as we can see more of those red accents visible in previous teasers. It would appear the kidney grille’s contour has the striking shade, which will also be applied to the lower side of the car, from the front spoiler lip to the rear diffuser, including the bottom of the doors. In addition, the interior will get the vibrant color for the back of the shift paddles, along with an embroidered “M4 CSL” logo and contrasting accents on the seats.

This new teaser seemingly shows the M4 CSL will be offered in Brooklyn Grey Metallic although we’re expecting quite a few retro body paints. BMW has likely developed a bespoke set of wheels, backed by carbon-ceramic brakes to provide enough stopping power to match the upgraded engine. Speaking of which, insiders claim the S58 will be pushed to around 550 hp in a car that’ll shave off 100 kg (220 lbs) over the M4 Competition.

We will have to wait until Friday for the big reveal, but rest assured there will be a few more teasers until then. You might want to act fast and claim an M4 CSL since production is rumored to be capped at just 1,000 units.

Source: BMW M / Instagram