If we were to choose one car journalist who has always been brutally honest, it would certainly have to be Chris Harris. The Top Gear host recently said the Rolls-Royce Cullinan looks like a Chinese replica of itself while the BMW X6 is a “pox on humanity.” Suffice it to say, his opinions are his own. That’s not to say he is generally against products from the BMW Group. In fact, his garage says otherwise.

Having already owned an M2 CS, the 47-year-old TV presenter decided to expand his Clubsport lineup by purchasing an M5 CS. He took delivery of the super sedan in a BMW Individual matt paint earlier this year. We’d argue Frozen Deep Green metallic is a fantastic choice for this car, but his looks a tad different upon closer inspection.

With An M2 CS And M5 CS, Chris Harris Has A Soft Spot For BMW CS Models

Chris Harris covered 400 miles (643 kilometers) before taking the M5 CS to Ti22 Vehicle Services. If the name doesn’t ring a bell, it’s a detailing business based in Chepstow, South Wales. Rather than covering the whole car in paint protection film, PPF was only applied on the front fascia. You can easily notice the dividing line, which harkens back to the old days of so-called “car bras.”

Had it been a regular paint, Harris would’ve had PPF all over the M5 CS. However, going down this road would’ve meant losing the intricate depth of the matte green paint. It’s easy to see the frontal area with the paint protection film applied has a brighter shade. Since we’re talking colors, his M2 CS has a similar finish, having been wrapped in Irish Green. It too has gold wheels and exposed carbon fiber body parts.

The British journalist owns two of the rarest modern M cars as the M2 CS and M5 CS were built in limited numbers. In 2023, BMW is expected to roll out additional Clubsport models, based on the M3 and M4. Before that happens, the M4 CSL is debuting later this month.

Source: Ti22Vehicleservices / YouTube